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  Inspection Service

ECAE provides independent third-party and internationally accredited inspection services on the following areas based on ISO/IEC 17020

Factory Evaluation

Inspecting whether factories/industries are following the required manufacturing system during production process

Pre-Production Inspection

Inspecting the raw materials and components to be used during the production process

During Production Inspection

Inspecting after the first product leave the production line for any defects or deviation from quality parameters and suggesting practical and effective ways in which these can be improved.

Pre-Shipment Inspection

Inspecting the merchandise when it is packed and ready for shipment by pulling out random samples based on international sampling techniques verifying quantity, function, color, size, specifications, labeling details to make sure that requirements are met

Supervision of Loading

After pre-shipment inspection is over inspecting the loading materials appropriateness, environmental conditions, cleanliness and integrity of the containers to ensure the safety deliver of the products