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In addition, to upgrade the public awareness about the vitality of quality of products and services, the panel discussion has been broad casted to the mass through EBC during the discussion, it has been raised that certifying quality of products and services enables to be competent in local and world market. It has a significant for the safety of health and environment as well as it is a basic need for survival and since the 2nd Ethiopian growth and transformation plan gives due focus for the manufacturing sector, any stakeholders more than ever should play their active role and make realistic the motto in collaboration with ECAE stressed the participants.

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ECAE Continued to strength it's mechanical laboratory. ECAE Continued to strength it's mechanical laboratory.

ECAE Continued to strength it's mechanical laboratory.

ECAE purchased a new machine called Spectromax at a high cost and gave training for the staff to further strength the mechanical laboratory.

The machine can identify the chemical composition of any metal at a percent level showing a result of one sample in a minute. Before the machine is purchased, the laboratory tests and reveals results using other parameters.

The significant of the machine is that as the country is in a great pace of construction, it can be taken as a means to ensure and use   quality construction metal inputs.

ECAE Strength its mechanical laboratory

It launched to test

the quality of plastic PVC pipes

In the construction world, quality inputs are very crucial. Among them plastic pipes are the prime one. To test the quality of plastic pipes, we need to have modern testing machine. Hydro pressure testing machine, which ECAE bought at a net cost of 355,689.35 Euro to strength the mechanical laboratory, is used to test the quality of plastics pipes. The mechanical laboratory assures the quality of metals, ceramics, and cements among many others.

Before the machine is bought, the quality of plastic pipes was tested by other parameters but now this new machine makes the services to be further advanced.

Since the society is transferring from metal to plastic pipes, the installation of such a machine helps to test and deliver quality products for the society. The machine has a vitality of economic development and   also contribute to the construction sector which is now booming drastically.

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ECAE assured its high level capacity

Aflatoxin is a type of fungus that attacks human and animal liver. If animal or human eats edible crops and cereals that are attacked by this fungus, liver might be affected. Even if the testing machine that can identify this fungus was not available across the country, ECAE now bought to strength the chemical laboratory at a cost of 12 million birr a machine called LC/MS/MS (liquid chromatography/ mass spectrometry/ mass spectrometry ) which can identify the fungus at a micro level that the product quality can be assured.

Before this new machine bought, cereals and edible crops were sent to other neighboring countries at a high cost to identify the fungus but now as this new machine is available in chemical laboratory of ECAE, it has a number of advantage for the country such as saving foreign currency. The enterprise is being built its capacity day to day both in human resources and laboratory equipments that is why BIPEA, a France based organization gave a proficiency testing for ECAE which helps to know its good stand. Mean while, the chemical laboratory can also identify the composition and adulteration of honey with other substances before which it could only identify water, mineral and moisture elements found in honey.

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ECAE, chemical laboratory, launched analysizing of Aflatoxin (B1,B2,G1,G2 and Aflatoxin M1) as of July 2015 ECAE, chemical laboratory, launched analysizing of Aflatoxin (B1,B2,G1,G2 and Aflatoxin M1) as of July 2015

ECAE, chemical laboratory, launched analysizing of Aflatoxin (B1,B2,G1,G2 and Aflatoxin M1) as of July 2015

Using the latest technological equipment called LC MS/MS, laboratories globally perform multitoxin analyses. Thus as a part of well recognized and globally accredited laboratory, ECAE's Chemical laboratory also has increased its capacities for analyzing aflatoxin in different food, food products and animal feeds with a shortest turn round times.

Starting from July 2015, the laboratory with its well trained staffs is able to ensure the necessary detection of Mycotoxin in trace amounts with a high number of specific , partly selective extraction , purification methods and modern testing equipment (triple quad liquid chromatography with Mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) and high performance liquid chromatography with fluorescence detector) (HPLC-FLD) are used to identify Aflatoxin B1, B2, G1 and G2 in different cereals, pulses, cereal based food and in animal feed products.

During Analysis

Since the enterprise has been working hand in hand with regulatory bodies by applying the newly advanced technology (triple Quad liquid chromatography LC/MS-MS), it has been selected to resolve the issue of Aflatoxin M1 in milk and milk products in Addis Abeba market and a total of 50 samples were conducted in milk and yogurt and the final report has been submitted to the government.

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ECAE  celebrated world Quality Day for 4th time

         Certified companies were a part of the event

ECAE celebrates different events to create awareness about quality. Among these events, the aforementioned one is the world quality day which is celebrated annually in Nov. to enhance the vitality of products and services quality. In this year in Ethiopia calendar, it is celebrated in Nov 11. 2008EC. organized by ECAE in collaboration with EBC. Ethiopian Conformity Assessment Enterprise which is devoted to ensure the quality of products, and services celebrated the event by the motto "sweet dreams" with producers, services providers and other stakeholders in panel discussion, a laboratory visit and different festivals.


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ECAE is the acronym for "Ethiopian Conformity Assessment Enterprise". In February 2011, ECAE was established as a federally owned Public Enterprise, governed by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

ECAE, is at present the major conformity assessment organization in the country providing  Testing laboratory, Inspection,  and Certification services to the industry and  to the public.

ECAE has about 190 professional and support staff throughout Ethiopia. The headquarters and main laboratory facilities are located in Addis Ababa and an additional eight branch offices are operational in various parts of the country.


ECAE's mission is to provide internationally accepted and recognized  Testing, Inspection  and Certification  services for exporters, producers, service providers, regulatory bodies, consumers and importers as well as the public through credible, effective, accessible and efficient conformity assessment services to ensure the availability of quality products and services.


By 2025  to be a leader from East Africa in  providing conformity assessment services and to be internationally recognized and accepted.


ECAE's core values are:

  •   Accountability

  •   Credibility

  •   Confidentiality

  •   Partnership

  •   Continual Improvement

  •   Responsiveness

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